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6 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Very Narrow Aisle System

Oct 30, 2022

With the expansion of businesses and recovery of the global economy, many distribution centers are looking to optimize space for their warehouse in Dubai. 


Expanding the footprint of the warehouse in Abu Dhabi & Dubai is often not an option for several reasons, in that case, companies go for creative techniques and effective solutions such as using narrower aisles to improve space utilization for storage.


Very narrow aisle racking is one solution for those looking to add storage space and make use of existing warehouses without physically moving their operations elsewhere. Standard racking aisles are at least 12 feet or wider whereas narrow aisle racking is 8 to 10 feet wide. However, very narrow aisle racking (VNA) can be as narrow as 6 feet, which will enable you to store up to 50% more products in the same footprint. By reducing unnecessary aisle space, you can make further room for more racks.


Still unsure? Here are six reasons why you should consider converting to a VNA layout for your warehouse in Dubai.

1. More Space

First and foremost, the space utilization is significantly improved. You can have more pallets in less space and store 40%-50% more inventory.


2. Cost Reduction

Converting to a VNA configuration can also represent major cost savings if compared to purchasing or moving to a new facility altogether as the cost per square foot or per pallet stored visibly reduces. 


3. No Need for Off-Site Storage

It eliminates the need for offsite storage or the need to move to a bigger warehouse while creating storage space within your facility. More often than not, it’s out of budget, in that case, Shorages has innovative and secure storage services that you can avail in  warehouses Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

4. Gain direct access to all pallet locations

Very narrow aisle racking systems are completely selective, which means there is access to every pallet in the facility. In addition, pallet racking can be customized to very exact specifications depending on the needs of your organization. For example, VNA racking can be configured and modified using roll-formed or structural rack components. The objective is optimal storage at the lowest cost possible.


5. Increased Safety for Workers

With plenty of storage space, it is easier for workers to function in the spacious cab. And with narrower aisles, there is lesser floor space available, which can be beneficial towards workers’ safety because the more floor space there is, the more likely workers are to leave empty pallets and other debris lying around, which could be a safety concern. While freight storage and management may seem like an arduous task, experts at Shorages perform these functions seamlessly on a day to day basis and that is why we encourage companies to outsource their warehouse operations so that they can focus on their core competencies.

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