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B2B & Retail

B2B & Retail Replenishment

We help merchants that sell online to also sell through B2B channels such as retail stores. By doing so, we help you centralize your inventory in one warehousing and fulfillment location regardless of where it is being sold.

Whenever you have a large B2B order fulfillment requirement or retail replenishment order, our team of experienced pickers and packers will label, pack and prepare invoices for these orders. After doing so, they will be handed over to the driver who will help deliver them and confirm their delivery at the destination.

Centralizing your inventory in one warehousing and fulfillment center will guarantee that you never run out of stock on one channel while having excess inventory in another. In addition, it makes your life easier by offloading some of that heavy lifting!

Additionally, our centralized warehouse means that you are only a few minutes away from some of the largest retail outlets, enabling speedy B2B order fulfillment.

B2B & Retail Replenishment Service
Affordable Pricing

On-Demand Pricing

Our on-demand pricing is tailored in a way to ensure that you only pay for services that you use. At Shorages, we charge for three main services: storage, order preparation and delivery.

For storage, you only pay for the cubic meter space which is in use on a monthly basis. This can fluctuate month on month depending on your requirements.

With regards to order preparation, we will tailor our fees in a way that is more affordable for B2B order fulfillment and retail replenishment orders as these consist of larger quantities, making it more possible to send stock to retail stores across malls in the area.

For delivery, we will make sure to work with last-mile truck providers that offer flexible rates for larger B2B order fulfillment.

Autonomous Software

We understand that when it comes to outsourcing a key part of your business, trust is an issue. This is why we make sure to provide you with full transparency and visibility over your orders and stock.

To do this, when you sign up with Shorages, you get access to an order fulfillment and inventory management dashboard. This dashboard will provide you with real-time and actionable information for your operation.

On one hand, the order fulfillment system will display all of the orders that are being processed with Shorages. The dashboard will also display the status, tracking information, source and payment details for your B2B and retail replenishment orders.

On the other, our inventory management system will show you your stock levels across different SKUs in real time.

Warehouse Management Software, Order Fulfillment System

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